About Power Systems Solutions

Power Systems Solutions, LLC, (PSS), is an electrical engineering consulting firm that specializes in all facets of electrical power systems in voltages ranging from 120v to 138kv. The business was started in 2001 by Kevin Grimm PE president. PSS has provided electrical power engineering in a variety of fields including hospitals, industrial and commercial facilities, utilities, and governmental water and waste water plants. A significant portion of the PSS work is involved with short circuit, coordination and arc flash analysis.

PSS utilizes SKM Systems Analysis, Inc, www.skm.com, software PTW for short circuit, arc flash and coordination studies. SKM has been a leader in the electrical engineering software industry for over 20 years, providing quality software, training and support to thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world. SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. is a California-based corporation founded in 1972. Kevin J. Grimm PE has utilized this software since 1985 for short circuit, coordination, and arc flash studies.

Kevin J. Grimm PE has 33 years experience in the electrical power systems, including experience in distribution and substation for utilities, industrial facilities, commercial facilities, water and wastewater facilities. In these arenas has taken the role of an electrician, estimator, project manager and engineer. He has acquired strong skills electrical power system engineering and analysis, financial solution and analysis capability, detailed project management and budget projections, contractor bid review and ethics considerations an in-depth knowledge of construction procedures and processes. Experience and education in the low and high voltage electrical world have provided him with knowledge that is unique in electrical installation, troubleshooting, engineering, and project management fields.

PSS is an expert in the field of electrical power systems. Kevin J. Grimm PE has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a power systems specialty from Michigan Technological University (MTU) and a Masters Degree from Western Michigan University. Before he graduated from MTU in 1982, he was and still is a journeyman electrician. He has over 30 years experience and education in the field of electrical power systems. He has been employed as a facilities, energy and controls engineer in a manufacturing company, an electrician, estimator, project manager and engineer at an electrical contractor and technical sales engineer for a major electrical equipment manufacturer before starting PSS.